Kebab it Up!

Kebab It Up! is a fast paced running game in which you have to avoid obstacles and finish levels by strafing or using one of the abilities: jumping or charging to break obstacles and make your way through. However, you must only use your abilities when necessary.

The game comes with plenty challenging levels that will push your gaming skills to their maximum, in a world full of obstacles such as parked “speed demons”, soulless guys carrying glass panes and many other, only to catch the much-loved kebab.

It all started in a sunny day when a young guy ordered a kebab and bit into it like a starving barbarian; then, the kebab jumped from his hands and started running desperately. He couldn’t believe his eyes, but shortly after realizing that his wallet was empty, he started running with all his power to catch the tasty kebab.

Don’t You Slip!

Fancying yourself using your timing skills at a high level?
Look no further! Don’t You Slip tests your reactions and your adapt-and-survive capacity in a colorful world. Always take care not to fall into the lava below!

– Over 20 ball skins, which can be unlocked by playing the game and collecting coins that spawn at the craziest moments;
– Changing backgrounds at each milestone;
– Fast-paced playstyle, think each move carefully, one step behind can mean two steps forward;
– Randomly-spawning platforms which will challenge your decisions on how to tackle them;
– Google leaderboards to challenge your friends.