Author: Czarls

Become a Pirate on the 8th of October

“Ahoy Pathfinders! Today on Inside Xbox, Grapeshot Games announced that its massive multiplayer first-and-third person fantasy pirate adventure ATLAS is confirmed to launch into Xbox One’s Game Preview on October 8,...

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Rockstar Games starts its own launcher

“Rockstar Games has released its own game launcher, offering Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas up for free with the platform’s debut.” Source. “The Rockstar Games Launcher is the central hub for everything Rockstar...

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Chernobylite on Steam for October

“Chernobylite is a sci-fi flavored romp through the Chernobyl disaster zone coming to Steam Early Access October 16. The developers bill Chernobylite as a “non-linear” science-fiction survival experience where...

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