Welcome to Anime Review #76. The anime this week is Sankarea



Apr 6, 2012 to Jun 29, 2012



Ever since he was a child, zombie-obsessed Chihiro Furuya has wanted an undead girlfriend. Soon enough, his love for all things zombie comes in handy when his cat Baabu gets run over, prompting Chihiro to try to make a resurrection potion and bring him back to life. During his endeavor, he sees a rich girl named Rea Sanka yelling into an old well every day about her oppressive life. After meeting and bonding with her, Chihiro is convinced by Rea to persevere in saving Baabu. Eventually, he succeeds with the help of the poisonous hydrangea flowers from Rea’s family garden.

Unaware of the potion’s success and seeking to escape the burdens of her life, Rea drinks the resurrection potion, mistakenly thinking she will die. Though it doesn’t kill her, the effects still linger and her death from a fatal accident causes her to be reborn as a zombie. With help from Chihiro, Rea strives to adjust to her new—albeit undead—life.

For a boy wanting a zombie girlfriend, this situation would seem like a dream come true. But in Sankarea, Chihiro’s life becomes stranger than usual as he deals with Rea’s odd new cravings and the unforeseen consequences of her transformation.


My Opinion:

The story overall is a nice idea and is nicely written, but the ending is unclear if you only watch the anime. The manga explains and goes further than the anime. This is actually pretty common though. It’s extremely hard for me to talk about the story without writing any spoilers.

The artwork is odd, yet interesting, as the main characters look pretty and the backgrounds look nice.

The music, sound effects and voices are enjoyable and not grating on the ears. The OP is nice; it was hard for me to skip it.

The backstories for each of these characters are not exaggerated and are believable.

I was kind of haunted by the ending; I thought about it for quite a while. If a story leaves this kind of impression on me, it was truly well-written. The combination of characters, story, and art helped cling me to the ending, and then the manga to understand further.

The romance is not much of a main focus, I must note, also. So if you are looking for a mainly romantic story, this is a bit lighter on that front. Overall, this anime is very pleasant, well-written and the only one of its kind.


Seasons & Episodes:

1 season ~ 12 episodes