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The official website for KLab Games and Bushiroad’s Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS smartphone game announced on Tuesday that the game has been delayed until 2019. The game was originally slated for release in 2018.

Staff said that the delay will allow them to improve the quality of the game. They explained that one goal of the game is to recreate the franchise’s scenes with idols dancing in formation. However, they need more time to improve the stability of the frame rate during 3D-model dance scenes in order to deliver the highest quality to fans.

The game will be a new version of the Love Live! School Idol Festival smartphone game. The new version will include the members of Nijigasaki Academy’s Idol Appreciation Club that were introduced earlier this year as part of the game’s “Perfect Dream Project” (PDP). 

Here is the full article if you are interested! 

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