Welcome to Anime of the week number 28. Do you like shows that have people with special powers? This this anime is for you! The anime is Darker Than Black.



Season 1 ~ Apr 6, 2007 to Sep 28, 2007 (Spring 2007)
Season 2 ~ Oct 9, 2009 to Dec 25, 2009 (Fall 2009)
OVA ~ Jan 27, 2010 to Jul 21, 2010 (Winter 2010)



It has been 10 years since Heaven’s Gate appeared in South America and Hell’s Gate appeared in Japan, veiling the once familiar night sky with an oppressive skyscape. Their purposes unknown, these Gates are spaces in which the very laws of physics are ignored. With the appearance of the Gates emerged Contractors, who, in exchange for their humanity, are granted supernatural abilities.

In the Japanese city surrounding Hell’s Gate, Section 4 Chief Misaki Kirihara finds herself at odds with an infamous Contractor codenamed Hei. Called “Black Reaper” in the underground world, Hei, like his associates, undertakes missions for the mysterious and ruthless Syndicate while slowly peeling back the dark layers covering a nefarious plot that threatens the very existence of Contractors.

From the mind of Tensai Okamura comes a sci-fi thriller taking the form of a subtle exposé on a war in which political positions and justice have no sway—a war waged exclusively in the shadows.


My opinion:

This show was really good. I didnt watch it till around mid 2017 with some friends. We had an awesome time discussing the show and trying to figure things out. This Sci-fi Thriller is really good. Such a good story. I even enjoyed the second season even though I hear some people dont. Animation is good for 2007. Hei is a decent main Character. Would be better if he showed some more emotion. I enjoy following Misaki, (Police Officer). The music wasnt bad. Just the usually you would hear in anime at tha time. I could easily rewatch this show. Even the second season. This show is defiantly a show to watch.


Seasons & Episodes:

2 Seasons – 37 Episodes ~ 4 OVA


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