Welcome to Anime of the week number 42. People often asked me, Why do you want to watch anime, Or what is your motivation for continuing this hobby of watching anime? I would answer that because I want to get fascinated and sometimes to get inspiration! But if you ask me, What anime would I recommend for experiencing the bitter taste of real life? One of the anime is definitely TARI TARI.


Season 1 ~ July 1, 2012 to Sept 23, 2012 (Summer 2012)
OVA ~ Dec 17, 2014


Although TARI TARI was not well known around the Anime Community when it first aired, To those who know it, most of them enjoyed it. TARI TARI talks about a story that revolves around a high school student called “Wakana Sakai” Wakana, A great and talented musician had stopped interacting with music after the incident when her mother dies. Then after meeting various classmate in School, She picks up what she had left and united an ensemble in the last summer of high school to present the best musical in the town.

My Opinion:

This anime is….. I would say controversial, There are obviously people who hate it, and there is people who enjoy it. But in my opinion, This is one of the top anime’s in the world. Sure, Some people watch anime because they want to experience something that couldn’t be happened IRL, But others like me, wanted to enjoy the bitter sweet taste of life. The Animation Company [P.A WORKS] is known for extraordinary detail and scenery back in 2012, The details is amazing and it just seems vibrant and true to life. I mean in today’s standard, It might not be as mind-blowing as it is but that is the quality of 2012 which is amazing. So I think it deserves a 9.5 / 10. Soundtrack is also another thing that stands out from most anime from that era, They have a actual group of ensemble that participates in various Japanese event (which one, part took in the music production for the anime and two, named after the ensemble group in the anime.) If you buy their CD’s you will hear the exceptional balance to its sound and chorus, Which you cannot take granted for in today’s pop music trend, Definitely a 10 / 10 for me. Characters are also good, Each have their distinctive personality and it wasn’t repetitive nor weird, It just have the perfect balance. Well done for whoever designed the characters. Rewatchability is where this anime comes short, The story can certainly get boring during second go-through, It won’t be as interesting as any other anime would. In conclusion, TARI TARI is a excellent anime, It had shown the attention to detail and quality of Japanese companies back when it was 2012, It seriously amazed me back then and definitely getting a recommend from me.

Seasons & Episodes:

1 Season – 13 Episodes


Written By Pabiupia

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