Hello friends! Christmas is over and next anime of the week is here with you.
Today i have something serious for you – Kokoro Connect


Jul 8, 2012 to Sep 30, 2012 (Summer 2012)

Seasons & Episodes:

1 season, 13 episodes


The “love and teen pentagonal comedy” follows the five members of Yamaboshi High’s Student Cultural Society club—consisting of three girls and two boys—and their everyday lives as they deal with some very strange phenomena such as randomly switching bodies with each other or having their innermost desires unleashed. It is revealed that the phenomena are caused by a mysterious supernatural entity that goes by the name ‘Heartseed,’ who wants to be entertained.
Kokoro Connect deals with what would happen if people could see different sides of their friends—their darkest and even their most vulnerable sides. Each arc addresses curious dilemmas such how someone would react if they switched bodies with someone else, especially the opposite gender, or what it would be like if people had no inhibitions. This series explores the ramifications such bizarre situations would have on the people themselves and how they might try to fix each others’ failings and complexes as they discover them.

My opinion:

This “switching bodies” anime is not a ecchi or comedy, Kokoro Connect is about real problems in real life. Serious story how five friends going through the difficulties TOGETHER. Only 13 episodes, but it’s enough time to learn about each character and hes problems.

Next “episode” will come out next year, year of the dog.
Best wishes for the next year! :starplatinum::starplatinum::starplatinum: