They’ll never see it coming!


Heya! Noro back at it again, this time with Persona 5! I spent the last few months being invested in this great game. An interesting story with such beautiful visuals. I spent close to 110 hours in my first run of the game. This is truly one of my favorite games.

What is this??

Well, Persona 5 is a role-playing video game developed by Atlus for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Persona 5 is chronologically the sixth installment in the Persona series (though they are not connected, there are some references to past games), which is part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise. It was released in Japan in September 2016, and worldwide in April 2017. I had to deal with 4 delays, Atlus is the reason why I have trust issues 🙁

What is this about?

Persona 5 takes place in modern-day Tokyo, and follows a player-named _____ (you can name him whatever you want) after his transfer to the fictional Shujin (fun fact: Shujin in Japanese means prison. A little fun thing to know, because in the whole game it is often mentioned that you and your friends are prisoners of fate) Academy. After being put on probation for an assault of which he was falsely accused. During the course of the school year, he and other students awaken to their Persona powers, becoming a group of secret vigilantes known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts who explore the Metaverse – a supernatural realm consisting of the physical manifestation of humanity’s subconscious desires, to change malevolent intent from the hearts of adults.

Sounds complicated

It is, kinda. The game takes it’s time to teach you. I still was getting tutorials close to the end game. There was so many functions and the battle mechanic is just too fun to pass. I am often turned off by how JRPGs are, I never actually finished FF7 because I found it boring, despite reading a book about the story (the main reason I bought the game). At first I thought It was going to be the same with Persona, but the game completely fooled me. It took my heart, as well as my money.

Anything else?

Yeah, I strongly strongly recommend the game. It’s a game that will steal your heart and you’ll get invested. The characters, the music, the transitions, and the battles, everything is fun. There is also a talking cat. If someone is thinking of buying it, I would recommend to play in easy. Not because of the battles, but because of money. You get money by fighting and by having a job in the game (the game is divided into two parts, your day to day life (where you get money, items, and do side quest improvement your relationships with your party members), and being a phantom thief). In the easier difficulty you can gain more money. I played on Normal and I ended up extremely poor. Usually having to farm and almost dying to get that mad cash.