Ciconia When They Cry, the latest entry in the When They Cry series, will be released in English on MangaGamer and Steam simultaneously with the game’s Japanese release at this year’s Summer Comiket, which runs from August 9 to 12, publisher MangaGamer, translation team Witch Hunt, and developer 07th Expansion announced.”


In Ciconia When They Cry, World War 3 has happened, with nuclear winter, avoided at the last moment with cutting-edge technology leading to the development of a advanced military technology, the Gauntlet, it allows those to fly like planes, fight like battleships, and repel attacks like tanks without any equipment. The Gauntlets require particular talent and special training at a young age in order to masterize, and the young peoples capable of controlling them become Gauntlet Knights.

The main characters will be a group of Gauntlet Knights who become friends and vow to prevents wars together.