Time for a speedy review my dudes! and I got the perfect game for it!


A hat in time is a game developed (and delayed a couple of times) by gears for breakfast. This game was originally a kick started game in memory of the collectaton games in the passed. But after getting more money than needed and a bit of love, the game was finish as a funny, entertaining and buggy game!

wait, isn’t that bad?

Well, yes and no. It sucks when you get stuck on a object and you lose some time (when you are doing a seal the deal mission or speed running) but these glitches can also help when speed running! just like the collectatons in the pass.

Never mind that, what is the game!

You take control of Hat Kid, a Kid with a had who in the middle of her galactic travel towards her home, she gets visited by the mafia, and the mafia want their money, space belongs to mafia, and anyone in mafia territory needs to pay mafia. Mafia guy opens the door, and the glass pieces (that gives the space ship fuel) goes flying all around the world, and a angry Hat Kid has now to collect them all (or the required ones to complete the story), run,Jump, act, talk, dance, punch, do everything on your power to get them back!

Anything else?!

I recommend to buy the DLC is really good, it adds extra challenges (in which you can get more badges which are used as power ups, and new outfits!) and a extra chapter in which everything is cute, and therefor everything is wrong. Also, when I began the game I didn’t like the type of art they decided for the character models, but as I played I felt in love with them and I just found them to be goofy and entertaining to watch.

What do you think?
I enjoyed the game, the story was funny and even though Hat Kid can’t talk, she was full of character and cute (like, super cute, if you play it if you do both taunts at the same time she does a smug dance I loved that). Yes, there were some annoying glitches (in the train levels) where I would randomly get stuck and die, or I would go too fast and the environment wouldn’t load on time. But the game is a entertaining one which I would be interested on speed running!