Halo~ Noro here with another review, today we have Henball.

OwO what’s this?

Henball is well, a game where you use a ball to destroy some bars that are on your way to see some anime tiddies. Unfortunately there isn’t anything else I can say, because that’s all I can.


Well, the game is fairly easy, the bad thing is, well, there isn’t much about it. The worse enemy is the bar. You are unable to control the bar at will, and the ball has a addiction of going to a corner and to get stuck.
Most of the times where I died was because I needed the ball to get unstuck, which was by me killing myself. The game has only one track, which it was good, It made me feel like I was playing a dating sim.
The art was good, some good anime tiddies.


well, the game doesn’t offer any more challenge. There isn’t any power up nor extra enemy. the game is less than a dollar, which in my opinion is a fair price for this game.
Will I play the game again? probably not.

Any last words?
Well, if by any chance the developer is reading this, hello! sorry for not liking your game. It’s just, that the game is too boring, it’s empty, and not challenging at all. When the controller is more challenging than the game itself its kind of a bad sign.
If there were a bit more of challenge, I’m sure I could’ve enjoy it more. congrats on doing a game! I could’ve never done it, but again, sorry, the game is not interesting, at all.