Valve Software is finally facing some major challengers in the PC gaming space, and it is planning a number of updates to keep its Steam service competitive. In a blog post today, the company looked back at the platform improvements it made last year. It also provided a list of updates that it is planning to launch in the future. These include fixes that address usability complaints as well as the official Chinese release of Steam.”



According to Valve, Steam actually has 90 millions monthly active users.


Let’s skip to what’s more interesting.


Steam has more than 30 000 games and to ensure that you find more things that you like, they will upgrade their recommandation machine and also planning to upgrade curator and broadcasting features.



Valve is still working closely with Chinese publisher to finally officialy launch Steam in China.


Steam Chat and Broadcast


Valve will also make its Steam TV streaming platform open to every games. This is a Twitch like  that will integrated directly into Steam.


And Valve will launch updates on the Steam Mobile App, you will be notified when tournaments or events.