New levels!

5 snow levels have been added, more challenging than any before.

New ability!

We’ve added a new ability which allows you to slide and it has a 1 second cooldown, unlike jumping and dashing which feel like they take an eternity to recharge.

New obstacles & mechanics!

Along with the levels, we’ve added new obstacles and mechanics,
like crows that obscure your vision and wet snow that makes you slip like an almost-drifting AE86 when Takumi is not driving it.

New Achievements!

If you’ve already thought that this couldn’t get any better, we’ve also added 6 more achievements for you to have a little something to do besides passing those “ez pz” levels.

Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • The menus will now scale properly for every resolution and aspect ratio!
  • Cars colliders have been updated to better match their shape.
  • We’ve updated some of the keybinds for controllers thanks to Anime Freak‘s feedback.
  • The player can no longer win and die at the same time.
  • Other bug fixes that will make your experience a little better.