Here is some informations about this new VR headset.


It costs more than the 399$ Oculus rift, it will be 999$.
Of course you will need a gaming PC and it’s probably not the right choice if you need convenience and portability.

There are 2 front-facing cameras that let you see the outside world,
the front includes a compartment with an A-Type USB port to plug in other devices.

Includes “a comfortably padded, helmet-like headband that tightens with a dial on the back, similar to HTC’s alternative Vive head strap.”

It has microphones that look like headphones which is comfortable for long use of the headset, sounds richer and more realistic.

It uses the same “lighthouse” tracking as the Vive, so it will ship with 2 lasers base emitting stations that you’ll need to mount in opposite corners of your play space.
Valve also promises a few benefits over the Vive 1.0 beacons. “primarily, an expanded diagonal range of up to 10 by 10 meters if you use four of them. If you already have a Vive, you can save $250 by using its 1.0 base stations[…]”

“Further, in standard home use, the new Lighthouses haven’t offered a substantially better experience than Oculus inside-out tracking. I can reach completely behind my back without fear of losing tracking, but that’s a fairly rare situation. And the tracking hasn’t been flawless — the controllers have occasionally drifted for no obvious reason, although they usually recover quickly.”

“Valve also promises a “typical” field of view up to 20 degrees wider than the standard 100 to 110 degrees.”