“The YU-NO release date has finally been decided! The game was previously reported to be making its way to the English-speaking world and we now have a firm date. YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world is a time-bending visual novel that has you trying to uncover a mystery involved your father. You’ll travel through time in an effort to uncover all of the clues and find out what really happened.”


Trailer of the game.

In YU-NO, you play as Takuya Arima, on vacation from Sakaimachi Academy when he receives a package from his father who is supposedly dead.
This package contain the Reflector Device, an object that allows ou to explore parallel timelines.

The game will be on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, 
PS4 and Switch versions will have their own uniques bonuses.
PS4 players will get a poster and Switch player a voucher code for YU-NO’s great adventure (a 8 bit styled game.)

In most Visual novels, you’ll have different routes to explore.
In this game, the Reflector Device will allow you to go back after your choices and go for a different route.

There will be some bonus to discover…I won’t tell much.