I know we are in the middle of the 5th random giveaway, well we hit 1300 and i keep my promises! I hope you like these games!
To enter type 1 for game 1, 2 for game 2, 3 for 3, 4 for 4, 5 for 5, and if you want to enter in them all either type 12345 or all.


~ If you have the game you wont get a chance to win it.
~ You must be in the group to win it.
~ You must accept my friend request to receive the game.

Game 1 Is… Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

Game 2 Is… Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Game 3 Is… Ryse: Son of Rome

Game 4 Is… Homefront: The Revolution

Game 5 Is… Miscreated

Wanna Enter in? Go here!
I hope you all love these games! I will pick the winners on May 17th! So invite your friends and give them a chance to win!