DMM Games began streaming on Thursday the animated opening song video for its Ove Generation ~Kōbō Suru Inōryoku Shōjo~ (Ove Generation ~Offensive and Defensive Superpowered Girls~) role-playing game for smartphones and PC.


DMM Games opened up pre-registration for the game on Thursday.

The game takes place in a world where the long-standing “Arasoi” gathered, but a new calamity “Creature” appeared in the world. In the game, players fight for the survival of humanity by leading “Ove” girls who have awakened superpowers. The game features 2D auto-battle, strategic defense modes, boss battles, and a room where players can peek at the “Ove” girls’ daily routines.

The game’s cast includes:

Sanma Aji as Marie
Mako Ayane as Selma
Yui Sakakibara as Sabinell
Anzu Susaki as Lili
Yūki Mihane as Yana
Ringo Aoba as Kilsty


Sauce here