Welcome to Anime of the week number 12. If you like anime titties and fanservice, try High School DxD.

Season 1 ~ Jan 6, 2012 to Mar 23, 2012
Season 2 ~ Jul 7, 2013 to Sep 22, 2013
Season 3 ~ Apr 4, 2015 to Jun 20, 2015


High school student Issei Hyoudou is your run-of-the-mill pervert who does nothing productive with his life, peeping on women and dreaming of having his own harem one day. Things seem to be looking up for Issei when a beautiful girl asks him out on a date, although she turns out to be a fallen angel who brutally kills him! However, he gets a second chance at life when beautiful senior student Rias Gremory, who is a top-class devil, revives him as her servant, recruiting Issei into the ranks of the school’s Occult Research club.

Slowly adjusting to his new life, Issei must train and fight in order to survive in the violent world of angels and devils. Each new adventure leads to many hilarious (and risqué) moments with his new comrades, all the while keeping his new life a secret from his friends and family in  High School DxD!

My opinion:
I enjoy this anime because i love fanservice. The story isnt great in the first one but later on it gets decent. I still enjoy this anime only for the fanservice and best girl, akeno.

Seasons & Episodes:
3 Seasons – 36 Episodes

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