One of my favorite game so far! Celeste is a platformer game, with a really nice soundtrack, beautiful 2D graphics, and a great intense gameplay!

Celeste is a platforming game, it uses basics mechanics as jumping, dashing and climbing. But as you progress new mechanics will show up and you will need to master them to go further… So you’re always learning and won’t be bored.

Celeste has an assisted mode for people who don’t want a hard game plus, each level (chapters) contain a B-Side, it’s basically a harder version of the chapter.

I wanted just to clarify a point. Celeste is a hard game, and you will often die. THO, the game is hard not unfair
Dying isn’t annoying in Celeste, it’s actually useful as Celeste is a learning game where you need to learn how to resolve the challenge in front of you. You’ll learn how while trying and dying …
+ very nice gameplay

The game has a lot of content. As I said upper, the game has, for each chapter, a B-Side. Perfect for people that want a harder version of the game. The game has collectibles that add difficulty to the game (as it’s difficult to reach them). It also has secret places that often contain those collectibles. Note that collectibles are optional.
(the game also have a good speedrun potential, if you want to give it a try, it can be funny)
+ great content


Graphics and musics
Graphics are simply gorgeous! Those 2D graphics made me think of Rabi-Ribi. The effects and the animation are also very great! The soundtrack is very great too!
+ Graphics and soundtrack


The game posses a story that is very interesting. It takes time to develop itself but it’s a very interesting story. Characters are also very sympathetic.
+ Interesting story.