Touhou is a game series of 22 games. It is reputed for its hard shoot’em up games but also for the music and the community that is supporting the franchise.


Touhou games are simplistic but reputed to be very hard as they are Bullet hell games that are a sub-genre of shoot’em’up that class them as very challenging games.

Mechanics/how it works
You are the character that is at the bottom and needs to shoot up your enemy while avoiding the enemy shots. You have bombs that clear up the screen from the enemy shots and you can slow down to avoid a complicated pattern. That’s basically all. Mechanics change a bit from a game to another but it mostly the same thing.

For those you would like to know, my favorite Touhou games are Touhou 15 and 6. And my favorites characters are Sakuya and Clownpiece!
+ Nice and hard gameplay

One of my favorite aspect of Touhou project is the soundtracks. They are simply fabulous! Like seriously, here are some of my favorite songs out of Touhou!
– Clownpiece’s Theme: Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner: Click here
– Junko’s Theme: Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart: Click here
– Sakuya Izayoi’s Theme – Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial: Click here
+ Incridible soundtracks


Touhou has the most prolific fandom of all video games. not the biggest one but the most prolific one. Like seriously, just see how many fans-made games are made (around 80, and some are very great for “fan-made content”)

Or all the remixes. In the first place, Touhou music is amazing but fans put a little + with a lot of remixes and that’s just fabulous! Fans even made some good looking animation! And the list could go on for long and long (meme, books, dojinshi…)
+ Prolific community

+ Nice and hard gameplay

+ Incridible soundtracks

+ Prolific community