This edgy looking game, is kinda goofy and funny at times!


Hello, Noro back at it again, this time with Vampyr! An RPG “your actions affect the world” kind of game. This is the second game form the life is strange guys. (The first one was remember me. I loved that game). This game is, weird. It’s a dark game, with murder, prostitution, and betrayals. The mechanics for the game tend to be overwhelming at first and I found myself forgetting how to play the game after I went and played something else (or just went to sleep). The music is really good, it feels like the music from a movie (which I loved). The cut scenes were really good, and funny to look at because of the faces the characters made.

What is this about?

Well, the story is this: Doctor Jonathan Reid, returning to London from the Great War in 1918, awakes in a mass grave as a vampire. After hiding and coming to terms with what he had become he is hired by Doctor Edgar Swansea to help the patients of the Spanish flue, and for him to hide as a vampire. Reid is full of questions, and with his new awaken power he is willing to do what he needs to find the answers.


Yeah, edgy. The story is pretty good, and because the difficulty shapes around the players actions is kinda cool to see how each person approaches the game. But well, Vampyr has some good, and bad things. The good things I liked was the story and how each character was tides, made me be careful on who I took down so the rest of the side stories didn’t get affected. It made me feel like my actions actually mattered. The bad: I AM LOCKED OF CERTAIN OPTIONS IF I DON’T DO THE STORY! I hated that. Each time you go to sleep (to increase your vampyr ability power you need to expend your EXP in bed, which makes Reid sleep) the clock moves, so if I wanted to get better abilities I had to make the day go, and there are certain quest that if not completed on the same day, it will be failed. and you also have this handy ability that controls people mind, but it only levels up if you continue the main quest. I am the kind of guy who likes to complete the side quest as soon as possible, so there I am, trying to control someone mind but I am unable to because the skill that I need can only be leveled up by completing the main quest. Other thing that I hated was some of the songs. I found some of the songs to be pleasant to hear like New Home or The Struggle, and some were just…weird.

Anything else?

Well, no. The game is good, and it has his down times. If you are a RPG (or a vampire) lover I kinda recommend this game.