Hello, Noro here. After spending a whole week shut in my room, I have finally finish KH3, and as I forgot to write a review of something, let’s talk about why I i don’t think its as good as everyone says it is!


now, before I go and say why I did not enjoy the game as much as everyone else. let me tell ya’ll that I did enjoy some parts of the game. The game is beautiful, I had fun with the battle mechanics even when it was basically pressing X,Y and L1 for the shortcuts. Finally having a conclusion on this nonsensical story brings a tear down my eye, and finally seeing all (well,most of) the characters I cared for being happy makes me happy. The music was great and how the game always looks like it’s a movie is fucking great. Unlike the others who waited 12 years for this game to come out, I jumped to KH three years ago, so the nostalgia factor did not hit me as hard maybe that’s why I don’t agree with people when they say the game is a fucking masterpiece.

KH3 is a good game, it’s fun, runs great, not as heavy as fucking Black Ops 4 (fuck you black ops 4) and it can be challenging.


my god, this game. for a game that has been in development for 12 years (I know it got scrapped and worked over multiple times, so the version we got of the game was probably worked on for 5 or less years) it really feels rushed.

Let’s punch this game by parts. First on, the difficulty is not that great. I played the game in Proud mode and it didn’t feel as difficult as I imagine. I was ready to play the game on critical but that wasn’t an option and proud mode felt like Standard mode in KH2. And now that we are talking about how the game plays, am I the only one who hated the triangle option? I always found it annoying how if I wanted to open a chest sometimes I would do a fancy animation instead of what I wanted, so I either had to wait for the power up to finish or change keyblades (but I love how I can change keyblades in the fly). I GOT STUCK ON A TINY ROCK even when sora can fucking fly towards the end with the right AP abilities. Also the allies, I don’t know if I fucked something while playing with their settings, but they almost never attacked. I really wanted to see their attacks so when I stopped killing and actually watch them fight, they would just stay there and get killed, at first I thought I fucked something up so I changed the settings back to normal, but no, even on default they would just, stay on place. so that was fun. For such a beautiful game who was been on the works for a long time,

Also, whats up with this? the cut scenes are beautiful and all, but the story on the pixar/Disney worlds felt weak. Frozen was basically the fucking movie with Sora going “woah”. The Kingdom of Corona was basically tangled with Sora inserted on some of the scenes, and instead of actually knowing the story of tangled, if someone who hasn’t seen tangled was first expose to it by KH3. It just a tangled mess! (pun intended) you don’t know why the step-mom is bad, the end part where Flin “runs away” actually looks like he ran away because the brothers (secondary antagonist) are completely gone, and because you are playing the light and darkness game with Sora and the gang, you don’t see how Flin and Rapunzel felt in love and it just feels, weird. The rest were ok, and that’s a problem. The previous world in the previous games were simply better (except the little mermaid), and I don’t think that’s a good thing. For fuck sake this game looks too good and the thing that drags it down its the fucking writing.

Not that the writing was good from the begging. even now that I finished the game I am still probably gonna look at someones video on Youtube about KH3 and what I missed. But the thing that I HATED the most, it’s that fucking ending with Xehanort. Stop reading if you haven’t finish the game, then again, why read this if you haven’t finish the game.


what is this bullshit? He was a good guy just he went about his intentions in the wrong way? and that cliche intention, omg. hell. if I change some words I can probably change his reason and make it the plot of Dark souls. BECAUSE IT’S BASICALLY THE SAME FUCKING THING. He did all this bad shit crazy things but “lol we buddies tho” “oh, shit u right lmao”. That’s fucking dumb. Hell, when kingdom hearts show up and gets all on fire it looks like the sun from Dark Souls III. I am happy that everyone was fine, that everyone got their happy ending, but in my opinion Xehanort didn’t need one, he was a good antagonist, even if we take his cliche reason, he seemed like the type of antagonist that would die rather than give up, but fuck me I guess power of friendship.

Also, that Luxu reveal was, annoying. and I have nothing else to say about it because it makes me angry.

but well, that’s my opinion, maybe I am wrong, maybe I overlooked something and I am just not a true blood fan. Tell me your opinion, how was Kingdom hearts III for you? Let’s talk about it