If you like smash-like games, Rivals of Aethers will be a good game for you
It’s a 2D fighting game with pixel art graphics that are good. The gameplay is also nice, smooth and fun!
Even if half the characters need to be paid and that there isn’t a 2vs2 mode :/


Rivals of Aether is a well-done smash-like! The gameplay is smooth and fun to play. You don’t get bored while you play. And like I said before, even if there are a few characters, they all give great combos and they own game style.
+ Nice gameplay


The Characters are pretty nice, but there is just one thing that is very very annoying, They are adding new characters, but that freaking cost money, The game, in fact, is very nice, but the fact that there are the half of the characters that you need to pay, it’s just completely stupid.
Too much DLC Characters


Game modes
There is a Story mode, I think that it’s a little bit useless in a Fighting game but at least you can learn about the  stories of the characters if it interest you, so why not. There another mode called Abyss mode. It’s just an infinite game where you need to battle shadows and see how far you can get. I think that you can also make it with a friend. Unfortunately, you will need to finish the Story mode to unlock the Abyss one.

There is also a practice mode, a Tutorial mode, and a versus mode. The versus mode is to play with bots or with a friend in local (same device)
And then there is the Online mode.
+ Variety of game modes


In online mode, you can fight an opponent in Ranked or in an exhibition match. you can also invite your friend to do a 1vs1.

But here comes the big problem of this game, you cannot do a  real 2v2 with your friends! You can only do a 2v2 with bots and a friend that cannot be in your team! That’s really sad knowing that because I bought the game with three other friends.
No Online 2vs2


The maps are nice, some are bigger than other, some have a moving platform and the number of maps is quite good. There are 11 maps. All of them have variants from the other ones.


You can choose to play with the keyboard or with controllers Personally I use a keyboard but my friends use controllers, there is no notable difference between the controls, there is no better way to play. Keyboard or controller are both good.

Some controllers might not be detected by the game so you will need to pass by a software. (DS4 tool, x360ce)


The music is catchy but not extraordinary. The music also fit well according to the map or the characters. I have also seen a way to change the music of the game to your own music, I might try it.

The pixel art graphics have a really great render!
+ Graphics


Here’s the Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/383980/

Here’s the Trailer :

+ Nice gameplay

+ Variety of game mode

+ Graphics

Too much DLC Characters

No Online 2vs2