This game is a Pokemon-like game with little monsters girls, gameplay is pretty basic, and a bit annoying sometimes, still, this game got a good soundtrack, good graphics, and the story is fine, It’s often hilarious.


The gameplay is pretty basic, it’s an rpg-maker like that actually looks very great. The big problem in the gameplay are the fights, they are boring, very boring.
+/- basic and a bit boring


The game also has bugs, mostly graphical ones but they aren’t really bothering the game.
littles bugs


Soundtrack and graphics
They are both very great. The music in fights is pretty repetitive. I also really like the graphics, they are very great.
+ great soundtrack and graphics


The story is pretty okay, what I like the most about it is the adult humor that the story contained. It’s funny.
+ Story is funny

+ Great soundtrack and graphics
+ Story is funny
+/- Basic and a bit boring
Littles bugs