well hello, today I am going to try something new, so please bear with me senpai. Today I took the time to play some of LET IT DIE, and I got to say I enjoyed it, it wasn’t what I expected it to be, maybe that’s what made me love it even more.

whatcha mean?

Well, LET IT DIE is a dungeon crawler, in a way, “This is the Tower of Bards, reach the top, claim the prize”. You are one of the many participants who try to reach the top of the never ending tower. With help of some nice and totally not weird people, you get your weapons and buffs.
At the begging I thought it was gonna be a dark souls clone, with the whole “Let it Die” because the game is what the tittle says, you will die in the game, and that will created a “hater”, because you don’t return with the same character. After you die is a fresh start, unless you had a extra character in that case you can use that one.
Then you would have to fight your hater in order to reclaim your goodies, if not you just have to let it die.

Tell me more!

The game has a level up system like dark souls, you gain EXP by killing, the more difficult the enemy the more EXP, different weapons with different attacks and speed, and some buffs by “the power of the mushrooms”. You have you trusty Uncle Death, the person who guides you to the top and offers a hand from time to time in order to aid you in your adventure.
After a certain number of floors you get a boss, defeat the boss and move on. simple!. but if you stay on a floor for too long, well, good luck with that, because what follows you, is not a easy thing to kill.

I liked it, the art style is nice to look at, the writing is fun, is free, and the music is, good. not my cup of tea, but good.
The story is good, is optional, so if u just want to go and kill some shit you are more than welcome to do it, the game doesn’t requires you to sit and read 10 pages of lore.

Any last comments?

It’s free, but the game offers the option to “pay to win” but not pay to win, it doesn’t offer you a streight way to the top, but tools to get good and less wait time, like short cuts from floors to floors (because the higher you go, if you use an elevator to go back to your base, it cost more money (game money, no actual money)).
Uncle Death is fucking great and everyone needs to love him.
Please play this so I can play with other people :c