It’s kind of pathetic, You get all erratic, About about not having a game review on time, I’m tired of your bothers, Remember our fathers, They dwelled in a world filled with rubbish and stink, But when all hope was lost, Someone raised from the dust, He was handsome and cunning, His haircut had style, Courage was shining in his eyes As he said, “Screw you guys” “Mind your own business, I’m off now, goodbye”.
Chorus Guys: Huzzah, he’s off now, goodbye!


HEYA EVERYONE! it’s Noro here! I just finished the Deponia series and I wanted to spread this wonderful game to everyone even if they don’t like it!


Deponia is a 2.5D point-and-click adventure, developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment. The original version in German was released on January 27, 2012, with the title a play on the German word “Deponie”, which means “landfill site”. An English version of the game was later released on 7 August that year. The game’s story sees players taking on the role of an inhabitant of the junk planet Deponia, as they attempt to seek a new life on the floating city known as Elysian, but become embroiled with the task of helping one of the city’s inhabitants to return to their home and uncovering a plot that threatens their home planet.


alright, alright, Deponia is a game about a handsome fella named Rufus, who is sick of living in Deponia, and his goal is to escape to Elysium a floating island where everything is better, or so it’s seems. Rufus creates wonderful plans in order to get to Elysium but for some reason they all fail, and he discovers a dark secret, a secret that would put all of Deponia in danger! and only he, can ignored it and go to Elysium…what? oh, yeah, he can also help Deponia I guess.


The game is really good, I personally enjoyed the huzzah songs, and the art style is so fucking charming, and the story is just HUZZAH! It’s the classical hero’s journey, yet is so refreshing to see. Following Rufus in his adventures is just fun to watch, because you don’t know what he will do next! each character feels so unique, AND THERE IS A METAL GEAR REFERENCE


Deponia: The complete Journey is 29.99 right now, so you can get the 4 games! If you enjoy story driven games and having a goofy time, I really recommend this awesome games!

Well, now I need to go, well If you let go, and if that’s so…I’m off now for real

Chorus Guys: Huzzah, he’s off now for real!