One of the best free game on Steam to get fun with friends! Deceit is a murder like the one in Garry’s mode but in Deceit, it’s more complex and there is a well-done ambiance.


In the games, there are 6 persons, 4 innocents and 2 infected. The infected need to drink blood to be able to transform into a monster when the light will be down. But they need to make attention to not be seeing transforming or drinking blood by the innocents.The innocents need to escape, for that they need fuses that can be found when the light shut down. After a certain amount of fuses they unlock the next zone and in the third zone there is the escape.

On the map, there are items to help the innocent and the infected. Items like a scanner, to see if a person is infected or not, a flashlight to see in the dark and to slow down monsters, antidote, camera and the syringe of death. I won’t detailed all of the items, I will let you discover them by yourself.
+ a really nice gameplay


Another important part of the gameplay is the communication. You can talk in-game with the others people and that’s really important for sharing information, ask help or even to argue with the people that suspect you. To talk you need to press *Alt*.
+ Good side of multiplayer


The dark ambiance of the game is really well done. It’s not scary but it fits well with the context of the game.
+ Dark ambiance that fit well in the game

The soundtrack and Sound effects are well done!
+ Soundtrack, Sound effects


Content and update
The game is kinda complete. It has a simple gameplay, but a gameplay that can be played a lot of time, all the games are different and that’s great. Updates are kinda frequent in Deceit. And the devs team are currently making a fourth map that should get
+ Gameplay can be played a lot of times without geting boring
+ Frequent updates


I cannot really talk about the English community because I play on the French one so I will talk about the experience I had with the French one.
The French community is good in general, sometimes I founded trolls that just accuse you without any proof. But you have just to wait a little bit that the trolls start their game and then you start your one.
I also found people that don’t talk, it’s not a big problem, but it’s sad that they don’t talk the gameplay is more fade without people sharing information and helping each other.
+ Great community in general ( I won’t put the trolls and none talking people in a negative point, I consider that it’s not the fault of the game.


Steam page:

+ Gameplay is nice

+ There is a sufficient amount of content

+ Frequent updating

+ Well done ambiance

+ Soundtrack and Sound effects are well done.

(+) The community is good in general

(+/-) But there are trolls and people that don’t talk