Today I will review HunieCam Studio! Yes, I know it’s another clicker game but It will be the last for a while. There are things that I didn’t find good in HunieCam studio but I think that the game is interesting by his dynamic gameplay and that’s why I think it has a place in a game review.


The gameplay of HunieCam is different from all the others clicker games that I played. First of all, it’s not an idle game so you can’t progress offline. Also the game as a real objective, you need to collect the more possible fans in 21 days in a game that equivalent at approximately 80-90 minutes. But you also need to pay attention to not fall in dept!
What I like in the gameplay is that you need to manage your business so you always have to do something because time is precious in this game!
+ Gameplay in general
+ The dynamic management part of the gameplay


Music & Art
+ The soundtrack is nice
+ The art is nice


Negative points
Like I said earlier there is an objective but the problem is that you have only one goal. The first time I played this game was really fun but after it’s just the same thing, nothing new, you just need to do better than the first time. I liked a lot the first game but after it comes boring
Only one goal
Boring after the first play
No new things after the first play


+ Gameplay in general

+ The dynamic of the game

+ Art and soundtrack are good

There’s only one goal

It becomes boring after the first play

No new thing’s after the first play