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Save The Cookie is a point game, where you just move the mouse away from the pub who is trying to kill you and eat the damn cookie.

You objective is to survive as long as you want and to evade the damn pug and his damn tricks.



Yeah, the game is fairly easy, the most difficult challenge was the pug randomly running towards me and me getting spooked. I lasted around 200 seconds and I was unable to detect a raise of difficulty, the pug became a bit faster, yes. but not difficult.

the pug always uses the same 4 movements, which makes it easy once you get used to how he runs. I would’ve love to see special movements after a certain time, hell, just making the pug more difficult to predict would be cool, make him zig zag or something. I was just rolling around the pug when he wasn’t laying traps.

Anything else?


for a .99$ game, it is fun. I played this game during my lecture in college and I was having fun. A fun little game to kill time, hell. I would’ve download it if it was on my phone.

The music was ok I guess. It reminded me of banjo kazooie for some reason. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it, I ended up muting the game because I grew tired of the song. Maybe add some other ones or make the music change to something epic after certain time.