Howdy Partner

Howdy Howdy

Hey ya’ll, I am here to spend some time talking about cowboy simulator 2018. I’ve spend the last couple of weeks playing it and now that I am close to the end game, I thought I should dedicate this review to it, it had some good point and some bad ones, It was a good game with some really good missions that made me want to play more, but at the same time I found myself being angry at the game by how it did some things.

Whatcha mean partner?

Well, the good part is that the story is fucking great, when someone fucked something up I got angry and when someone died I felt sad. I haven’t been this invested on a story since I played Persona 5 and that was a couple of months ago. The side stories were funny or impacted the story in some way, when riding I occasionally would meet someone and asked for a favor and said that would help me on the future, just to meet him later on when I was riding by a town. It didn’t felt out of place, each side quest came in a appropriate time and it didn’t feel like the game was sending me out of my way to do the quest. The music was great, it was fitting and even though I felt like I only got the chance to hear about 4 of the songs, once I searched for the whole soundtrack, man, there are some beautiful songs in this game.

Anything that ain’t right partner?

Yes, this game is fucking buggy as fuck, I found myself falling from the ground to the void or my horse just not being recognize as a horse, making me unable to ride. Using the fast travel only sended me to the void so that was fun. The fun part was that sometimes the items would not be mark as picked up so when I tried to pick em up multiple times I got a bunch of them.

I REALLY HATE how the game forces you to be bad, I love games that has the karma system on them (big fan of infamous) so I always tried to make Arthur a good fella, just to have the game making me be wanted and having to spend 150 dollars to be unwanted again. There are moments where an NPC would just attack you, and when I attacked back the game got all angry at me thinking I killed a civilian, making me wanted and my karma down.

Anything else?

The game is a fun thing to play, putting the buggy and annoying karma system aside, I always look forward to what fun side quest the game has for me, and what is going on with Arthur Morgan life, I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys open world games where you can be a cowboy