recently I found my old xbox 360 with Gears Of War (1) on it, so why not write a review about it!


Hell yeah, man, I remember playing GoW years ago, running to the enemy with my Lancer trying to kill them, or running away from the berserker because that thing scared the hell out of me. Now that I can actually pay attention to the story, I gotta say it is pretty good. A world in war because of fuel, and at the end of the war a new enemy appear, killing over 25% of the population on the first day of the attack. GoW holds a special place on my heart because it was one of the first games I got to play on the xbox 360.

So, How was the game?

The game was awesome, I feel like this game was one of the strongest games, you have general Raam, the berserkers, and the Kryll, those enemies where the ones that scared me the most. Just looking at the design of the kryll is just. Yikes. Playing the game now and comparing it to what the games now days look and feel is wrong. The game is rough and it feels weird from time to time, but I found that to be appealing too. Or maybe it’s just the nostalgia factor.  I played on the difficult setting and there was a challenge on it, some enemies were already head shooting me close to the begging and ammo was quite scares (or maybe I just missed them) so I had to change weapon a bit often, which I liked because I got to try different weapons apart from the Lancer.

What about the story?

Well, the game takes place on Sera, there was a war between the COG and the UIR that lasted 75 years and then after too many deaths they called it off (they were fighting for a material called imulsion) then the Locust attacked a couple of months without warning and killed a hell of a lot of people, everyone looking for shelter in the COG. Gear of War is set 14 years after the Locust emerged and attacked Sera’s human population. You are Marcus Fenix leader of Delta squad, on a suicide mission of trying to find a way to stop the Locust attack.

Anything else you wanna say?

the game is pretty fun, this game and Halo are the only things I wish I could play on playstation. Fun game play, interesting story, great multiplayer (which I hope we get to play as the locust again like we did on GoW3).  The music is really great, you get this awesome, sad, yet hopeful music, a perfect fit for the game. The voice actors are great, doesn’t feel out of place or forced, I really love the voices they gave the locust for some reason. I’m glad I got the chance to play this game series. hopefully Gear of war 5 gets to be on PC because it doesn’t matter how much I love this game, I will not buy a Xbox :P. 

See ya Next time guys! thanks for reading!