You’ll never see it coming!


Hey ya’ll! Noro here, bringing this time a unique and interesting game, because Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight is a game that I hate and love. I love the persona series, but the dancing games never interested me, even thought I am a rhythm game fanatic. But for some reason, this kind of games never interested me, but well, I saw persona 5 was getting it’s own and because I loved this game so much I decided to get it, and well, I don’t regret it, but I would’ve mind not getting it.

You make no sense

Well, I do love Persona 5, and I bought the game with no expectations, I thought it was gonna be a fun lil’ game that added a bit of story like Persona 3 dancing game, just to be told there was no story and at the begging of the game you are told “this is a dream lol so no worries k?”. I was, a bit disappointed, don’t get me wrong the game is pretty fun, and the remix of the Persona 5 game are great (most of them). The sudden change of a heavy story driven game to a fan service game that has little to none connection is just, annoying to me. hell, this would’ve been a killer on the cellphone, but I have it on ps4. I just don’t see myself choosing Persona 5: dancing in starlight out of the other games that I have, I can see myself re playing persona 5 for the 6th time rather than finishing this game.

Anything good?

The dancing is good, they are mostly related to the song playing and the function of watching the dance after you finish playing the song is quite good. The music is also good, there are a few remixes that I am a fan of, and some that I disliked. The exclusion of a story kinda bumped me out, hopping to get a bit more of that sweet persona 5 story.  I guess they do have that strange thing of social events were you can interact with the guys, but I felt that most of them were facts that we kinda knew, or figured out or made up.

For anyone who is a rhythm game fanatic this is a good game, even for those who just want a game that they could randomly play and not worry about complicated stories and not having enough time to finish a mission. The game comes with challenges that keep the game interesting, or you could just play the game in hard, or easy, or you can play dolls with giving each character different accessories or skins ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anything else?

Well, maybe I did approach this game the wrong way, I wanted more story in something that is done, completed. Hopefully I am able to put that aside and re play this game and convince myself that it’s good. Because it is a good game, a easy to follow game that I could play when I am tired of dying on Dark souls, or exhausted from following damn complicated stories of other games.

A game where I can dance my worries away.

Have I mention there is a dancing cat in this game?