I am still fucking angry about KH3 So I decided to play some Rainbow Siege 6 and as it was expected we ended up killing each other and getting ban, so I went to play Yakuza 0 (which I still haven’t finish) and it reminded me of the stupid statement EA made about single player “dying out” so Let’s talk about that.

First things first

I disagree with EA, recently video games are not as simple as before where you needed to rescue the princes and mini kart with your buddies. Now video games are beautiful and they feel like they could be a movie with their great stories except KH3 and effect’s that look a bit better than in live action movies. Yeah there are people who enjoy single player more than multiplayer and vise versa. Hell, in the last five years only one multiplayer won GOTY and it was Overwatch that has a story on it with beautiful cut scenes.

Games like cowboy simulator (Red Dead Redemption 2), God Of War, and The Last Of Us are beautiful games with such a good story that went to become great hits and some of people’s favorite game, so in short, single player is not dying, I think it’s simply evolving. It’s not longer simple story with ok graphics go have fun. Video game companies are trying to create unique games that will call people attention and to tell a story people will be interested, video games have always been thought as a medium of art, and now more than ever we are getting to see that in action, we are able to see this beautiful, funny or sad stories taking place, hell, just look at this.That just looks great.

One thing that I agree upon, it’s that story modes in multiplayer games are becoming few, Call Of Duty games are starting to pull the story to the side and multiplayer games like R6 are starting to simply don’t have a story and release tiny videos on Youtube if you feel like actually needing a story. Multiplayer games are in my opinion a bit more directed to casual players who are just looking to have a great time without having to worry about great graphics and existentialism (looking at you Neir automata).

Both of them are great, each directed to different kind of gamer’s, but both still great. As long as we have video games, single player will be a thing, and as long as people feel the need to t-bag others, compete against others, and enjoy games with others, multiplayer will stay.

So in other words, EA is fucking dumb and video games are great both single player and multiplayer.

Except Star Wars Battlefront, that shit sucked so bad lol