God, the faces in this game scare me.

Heya, this week I got ALAN WAKE on Steam. I remember playing this game on my Xbox 360 when I was a kid, so I decided to play it again. To see if my memories of the game were correct, and well, it’s not a bad game.

Please explain!

The game is far from difficult; I chose normal (because Nightmare difficulty is locked until you’ve completed the game once) and I usually finish each chapter with full ammo and batteries. I noticed that as long as you go off the main path and explore for more munition, the game is relatively easy. I had more difficulty controlling the camera than the game.

The hell is this anyways!?

In Alan Wake you take control of Alan, a writer struggling to write his next best seller. During his little pause, his waifu, Alice, decides that they should go on vacation. Unfortunately for Alan, it seems that Alice was kidnapped, and he was unconscious for a week. During his attempt to find Alice, people covered in shadows are trying to hunt him, and to take the manuscript he apparently wrote. Said manuscript seems to tell the events that are to come, and the destiny of those who appear in the story. Alan has to fight these creatures covered in darkness, so that he can find his muse.


Yeah, deep story, yada yada yada. But hell, the game is funny in how the graphics, the faces, and how the lines are delivered. It’s kind of hard to think of the game as being scary or suspenseful. The soundtrack is pretty kick ass. My favorite track was The Poet and the Muse by Old Gods Of Asgard. The gameplay is fun, the integration of the flashlight as your aim (and being the weakness of your enemies) was fun. Even if the story is not ‘finished’ (still hoping for Alan Wake 2) it is interesting. I always took the story as the creation taking over the creator; A view on how some authors feel about their stories, being unable to create something else because that’s what people want them to create.

Anything else?

No really, this is a really interesting game, which I would recommend. I bought it on sale for $1.99, but it is currently $14.99. Great soundtrack and funny voice lines. I kind of hated the darkness effect that you get when an enemy is close. Apart from that flaw, the game is a gem.