TrackMania² Stadium is a racing game that has a little easy to learn but hard to master side. I’m not really into racing games, but I really enjoy this one has the multiplayer side is really present with the community creating servers, maps, and mods. With all of that, you can play and challenge your friends and that’s what I mostly like in this game (I also like the maps creations.)

The major aspect of this racing game is time. You will need to have a better time than your opponent to win. There isn’t only one game mode, there are quite a lot, to name few, there is time attack, Cup, laps/rounds, etc. Naming and describing them all will be a bit useless if you want more information about them: click here.

Due to the diversity of the game, thanks to the community, the game isn’t boring at all and the gameplay is actually very fun.
+ Great gameplay


As you may understand, there is a lot of content due to the community that offers a lot of possibilities. You’ll find a lot of tutorials to help you expend you’re content, as making your owns skins and car models, makings new blocks to use them into map creating. Making a server, changing the ui, etc.

Tutorials and stuff try to bit as noob-friendly possible, but you will have to take some of your time to be able to understand and applicated them. But I guaranteed you that you will be happy with the results!
+ lot of content


Graphics and soundtrack
Graphics are very great, the soundtrack is also very great (even if in servers there is mostly non-officials songs)
+ great soundtrack and graphics

This game is very great, gameplay is fun and Trackmania 2 stadium has a very present multiplayer side and a lot of content! If you like racing games you definitely need to give a look at this game!