A new key visual featuring a whopping 23 characters from the upcoming second season of Kakegurui has been revealed, teasing the gambling drama to come.

The visual contains 11 new characters: Batsubami Rei, Totobami Terano, Totobami Yumi, Mushibami Erimi, Inbami Miyo, Yobami Miri, Warakubami Sumika, Komabami Nozomi, Honebami Miroslava, Obami Ibara, and Obami Rin.

Batsubami is in fact an anime-original character, for whom little details known except that she’s a beautiful girl who dresses in men’s clothes.

The cast members for the new characters will be announced one by one from Nov. 26 on the anime’s official twitter account.

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler ×× will premiere sometime in Jan. 2019