“Jody reviewed the Skyrim total conversion mod Enderal back in August 2016, and liked it quite a bit. It wasn’t enough to make Bethesda sweat, but he found it big and beefy, with a high quality of writing and better voice acting than you usually see in fan projects.”


Last year, A steam page appeared for this Mod, and the developper announced it will go live on February 14.

It will be like Skyrim, an open world game with its own lore and landscapes.
It will be complety separate from the Elder Scrolls series. There will be new classes and survival mechanics and the Forgotten Stories version on Steam has been expanded with new quests, reworked crafting and spells and improved performance and stability.

If you own Either the Classic Skyrim or Legendary Edition, you will be able to play it.
But it won’t work with Skyrim Special Edition for now.