Welcome to Anime of the week number #65. The anime is Claymore


Apr. 4th, 2007 ~ Sep. 26th, 2007 (Spring 2007)


When a shapeshifting demon with a thirst for human flesh, known as “youma,” arrives in Raki’s village, a lone woman with silver eyes walks into town with only a sword upon her back. She is a “Claymore,” a being manufactured as half-human and half-youma, for the express purpose of exterminating these monsters. After Raki’s family is killed, the Claymore saves his life, but he is subsequently banished from his home. With nowhere else to go, Raki finds the Claymore, known as Clare, and decides to follow her on her journeys.

As the pair travel from town to town, defeating youma along the way, more about Clare’s organization and her fellow warriors comes to light. With every town cleansed and every demon destroyed, they come closer to the youma on which Clare has sought vengeance ever since she chose to become a Claymore.

My Opinion:

Claymore can be a hit or miss for some people. The fact the anime is left off on a cliffhanger will leave you disappointed, and you’ll have to switch to the manga after that point. I never went to such lengths, because after finishing the anime I was contempt with how it ended. I know for some people there will be some empty feeling, but if you’re the type to not read manga then I would suggest not giving this anime a watch.

The story is decent, and the characters are very interesting. Although the main character, Raki, may cause some annoyance as it did for me. Other than that it mainly follows Clare, who is seeking revenge for someone she lost. She encounters many foes on her journey until she reaches the final “boss” and even so the battle was lackluster.

The ending was very stale, but the battles leading to the ending are somewhat satisfying. If you have nothing to watch then I would recommend something like this, but if you’re trying to find something well worth then I would suggest otherwise. This has been my review for the week I hope you all enjoyed reading.

Seasons & Episodes:

1 Season ~ 26 Episodes



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