bugs kill each other dark souls style, yet this is fucking cute


Hey y’all, I am here, back at it again with a game that caused me a love hate relationship. Hollow Knight is an epic 2D action adventure through a vast ruined kingdom of insects and heroes. The plot of the game is a bit, confusing, so I am totally going to skip it and just start talking about the game 😀 I really enjoy playing this game, I’m currently in the middle of doing the DLC and man, this game is fucking beautiful, the hand drawn art with this sad, dark yet cute art style is fantastic. The music of the game is great, as the knight progresses into the story, the music just gets better and better. with each song signifying the challenge and importance of the fight. and OH GOD the little details, if the Knight is walking on grass you can hear his footsteps change when he goes form metal to grass, and on the screen just out of reach you can see tiny grass, or bugs flying as if the Knight was on an actual jungle, this game is just too beautiful, a game that I don’t regret playing.


Yeah, I found the platforming a bit annoying but that was on my part, the fact that the game doesn’t give you a map at the beginning, and that one has the freedom to explore all areas *or at least the ones one can reach without the necessary ability or skill) was great. I found some things a little easy to cheat tho, in Hollow Knight you use SOULS to heal up, and you get them by beating the fuck out of some posses bugs. this unlimited among of heals kinda made me be a bit reckless, knowing that I can easily go one screen back to defeat an enemy that I had no trouble with, and go to the next area, and going back again to see the enemy re spawned.

Anything else?

I honestly did not find many bad things about the game, and those that I find I fear it was just me sucking at the game or been salty, so I won’t mention them. Hollow Knight was a close feeling of Dark Souls that I needed after finishing Dark Souls 1. A familiar feeling yet not as challenging. I recommend this game to anyone who likes the souls games, or anyone who is thinking about getting into them and not knowing if they would enjoy them. Hollow Knight is truly a great game that is just too damn amazing.